Distributed Capture

  • ILINX Capture

    Capture information any place,any time, any device.

ECM Enterprise Platforms

  • ILINX Capture

    Powerful browser-based capture with easy to configure workflow.

  • ILINX Content Store

    A streamlined, powerful, web-based content repository with built-in capture.

  • ILINX eForms

    User-friendly, web-based electronic form software for data capture, processing & delivery.

ECM Middleware

  • ILINX Integrate

    Image-enable any application.

  • ILINX Capture Email Import

    Simply send indexed email to your ECM system directly from Outlook.

  • ILINX Import

    Inject data into capture software for processing & delivery to your ECM systems.

  • ILINX Export

    Extract, convert & migrate data and documents from your ECM system.

  • ILINX Release

    Deliver data from capture software to ECM software with numerous options.

  • ILINX Distributed Indexing

    Simply drag and drop files to index, validate & contribute to ECM software.


    Maximize and leverage the value of your enterprise data locked up inside static COLD/ERM reports and print streams.

  • ILINX Connect for EMR

    Fluidly connects Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with capture and ECM software.

ILINX Capture

Capture Information.
Any Place, Any Time.

A flexible, lean and highly adoptable web-based platform, ILINX Capture empowers anyone in your organization to easily capture information real-time or at any point in a process from a desktop, MFD or mobile device.
From ad hoc or transactional activities to full batch-level production, ILINX Capture automates the capture of information from both paper and electronic sources and converts it into functional information in a variety of digital formats. A powerful, easy-to-configure workflow engine delivers your critical information to the people and systems that manage your business processes.

Business Benefits

  • Easy to manage client platform
  • Requires minimal training
  • Scalable
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No page count licensing
  • Enables compliance-friendly auditable &
  • repeatable business processes
  • Distributed & centralized capture
  • Streamlines business processes
  • Improves accuracy of information delivered
  • Image-enables line-of-business applications
  • Extends capabilities of ECM systems
  • Quickly and securely incorporates extracted data
  • into business processes
  • Significant labor cost savings
  • Reduces paper costs
  • Configurable for external data storage
  • Programmable API for easily-built custom
  • extensions
  • Supports mobility with device- specific apps

Product Capabilities

  • Access for any user on network through IE
  • Captures from numerous sources
    • Scanned paper
    • Faxes
    • Multi-functional devices
    • Electronically created documents
  • Handles scanning of low-high volumes
  • Powerful, yet easy to manage workflow
    • Monitoring & reporting of processing activities
    • Define business rules & automate decisions
    • Audit trails & logging information
    • Updates to in-flight instances
  • Enhanced extensibility options
    • Client-side scripting extensions
    • Custom panel framework
    • Server-side scripting extensions
  • Test-to-Production: import/export system configurations with confidence
  • Client-side searchable PDF generation
  • Delivers processed data to back-end systems: databases, XML, EDMS, ECM & file systems
  • Point & click tailoring for barcodes, security & validation
  • Advanced indexing & validation including database lookups & picklists
  • Intuitive, graphical user interface



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