Distributed Capture

  • ILINX Capture

    Capture information any place,any time, any device.

ECM Enterprise Platforms

  • ILINX Capture

    Powerful browser-based capture with easy to configure workflow.

  • ILINX Content Store

    A streamlined, powerful, web-based content repository with built-in capture.

  • ILINX eForms

    User-friendly, web-based electronic form software for data capture, processing & delivery.

ECM Middleware

  • ILINX Integrate

    Image-enable any application.

  • ILINX Capture Email Import

    Simply send indexed email to your ECM system directly from Outlook.

  • ILINX Import

    Inject data into capture software for processing & delivery to your ECM systems.

  • ILINX Export

    Extract, convert & migrate data and documents from your ECM system.

  • ILINX Release

    Deliver data from capture software to ECM software with numerous options.

  • ILINX Distributed Indexing

    Simply drag and drop files to index, validate & contribute to ECM software.


    Maximize and leverage the value of your enterprise data locked up inside static COLD/ERM reports and print streams.

  • ILINX Connect for EMR

    Fluidly connects Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with capture and ECM software.

ILINX Capture

Capture Information.
Any Place, Any Time.

A flexible, lean and highly adoptable web-based platform, ILINX® Capture empowers anyone in your organization to easily capture information in-process from a desktop, multifunction device or mobile device.
Perfect for ad hoc or transactional activities, ILINX automates the capture of information from both paper and electronic sources, converts it into functional information and delivers a variety of digital formats to the systems that manage your business processes.

Business Benefits

  • Thin-client platform is easy to deploy & maintain
  • Requires minimal training
  • Scalable as your organization grows
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No page count licensing
  • Supports distributed & centralized environments
  • Streamlines business processes
  • Improves accuracy of information delivered
  • Image-enables line-of-business applications
  • Extends capabilities of ECM systems
  • Quickly and securely incorporates extracted information into document management, production workflow and your line-of-business applications
  • Enables significant labor cost savings
  • Reduces costs associated with paper including shipping and tracking lost documents

Product Capabilities

  • Allows access to any user on your network through Internet Explorer
  • Captures from a variety of sources
    • Scanned paper
    • Faxes
    • Multi-functional devices
    • Electronically created documents
  • Handles scanning of low-high volumes
  • Advanced indexing & validation processes
  • Images automatically cleaned & enhanced
  • Comprehensive, server-side Automated Document Processing technology automates extraction & classification of data
  • Easy to understand, graphical user interface
  • Easy to manage workflows
    • No code required to deploy workflows
    • Enables monitoring of various processing activities
    • Allows you to define business rules & automate decisions
    • Provides audit trails & logging information
  • Delivers processed data into variety of back-end systems: databases, XML, EDMS, ECM & file systems