Distributed Capture

  • ILINX Capture

    Capture information any place,any time, any device.

ECM Enterprise Platforms

  • ILINX Capture

    Powerful browser-based capture with easy to configure workflow.

  • ILINX Content Store

    A streamlined, powerful, web-based content repository with built-in capture.

  • ILINX eForms

    User-friendly, web-based electronic form software for data capture, processing & delivery.

ECM Middleware

  • ILINX Integrate

    Image-enable any application.

  • ILINX Capture Email Import

    Simply send indexed email to your ECM system directly from Outlook.

  • ILINX Import

    Inject data into capture software for processing & delivery to your ECM systems.

  • ILINX Export

    Extract, convert & migrate data and documents from your ECM system.

  • ILINX Release

    Deliver data from capture software to ECM software with numerous options.

  • ILINX Distributed Indexing

    Simply drag and drop files to index, validate & contribute to ECM software.


    Maximize and leverage the value of your enterprise data locked up inside static COLD/ERM reports and print streams.

  • ILINX Connect for EMR

    Fluidly connects Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with capture and ECM software.

ILINX Content Store

An easy-to-use, powerful, web-based
content repository with built-in capture.

This secure repository provides scalable and affordable capture, search and storage for all of your document types and digital assets.
Users access ILINX Content Store from a popular browser, while administrators maintain and control user security and access in minutes from a central location. Deploy this robust application in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a traditional ECM system.

 Business Benefits

  • Superior search & storage
  • Clean & agile
  • Deploy from any location
  • Simple to control security & access
  • Web-based for capture, search & retrieval from
  • any desktop
  • Intuitive interface for quick adoptability
  • Requires minimal training

Product Capabilities


  • Completely web based
  • Cloud certified—MicroSoft Azure compliant
  • Can be configured for external data storage
  • Programmable API


  • From login, administrators easily manage access and control security through:
    • Active directory
    • Search restrictions
    • Group membership
    • Varying security levels
  • Supports Built-in or Active Directory security
  • Centralized system back-up

Searching for, Viewing & Managing Documents

  • Variety of Search options, including:
    • Keyword
    • Advanced boolean
    • Full-text searching of document metadata & content within text-based documents
    • Image OCR for full-text searchable documents
    • Client-side searchable PDF generation
  • Access content via all popular browsers, on both Macs and PCs, with ILINX Content Store Flex, an HTML5 client
  • Document Versioning: retain past editions of documents when they are replaced
  • Retention Management: set up automated disposition alerts with optional approvals
  • Test-to-Production: import/export system configurations
  • Favorite Search: saves advance search parameters into links for quick access from any device
  • Annotations, redactions, rotation, zooming, etc
  • Sidebar displays history thread of document edits and collaboration comments
  • Join ILINX Content Store searches with external data sources

Getting Documents In 

  • Drag and drop documents from desktop
  • Built-in & configurable data input sources
  • Integrates with ILINX Import to receive content from external systems
  • Supports a large variety of content types:
    • MS Word
    • MP3
    • MS PowerPoint
    • MP4
    • MS Excel
    • JPG
    • TIFF (greyscale/color)
    • GIF
    • PDF
    • PNG

Sharing Documents 

  • Send as links, native documents, print, XPS or image-only and/or searchable PDF
  • Links via email



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