ILINX Advanced Capture

Add complex document data to your automation without the complexity.

Hyperautomation isn’t so hyper if your processes slow down trying to get data out of complex documents, such as contracts, invoices, loan files, claims, and more. The more complex the information, the more complex the deployment. Reliably extract the data you need, regardless of complexity or type, with ILINX Advanced Capture. Get to production in days, not weeks, without the traditional effort.
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Technical Highlights

1. Extracts text and handwriting on the fly
2. Classifies and separates documents by text and format
3. Optimizes and adapts through machine learning
4. Supports fixed, keyword/value pairs, unstructured text, and tables
5. No-code designer

Eliminate manual document separation

Take back the time spent preparing documents to be processed. Learn-by-example classification turns the tedious into the easy and reliable. Advanced Capture analyzes both layout and text to classify and separate your documents with a few samples.

Stop managing templates

Creating configurations using templates is arduous. Advanced Capture performs page and document-level analysis to determine and implement the most reliable technique to ensure you get the most data at the highest levels of accuracy.

Embrace all data types

Handwriting or text? Or both? Don’t know what types of data to expect? No problem. Advanced Capture, in a single pass, analyzes data types applying multiple recognition engines to comprehensively extract text regardless of format or font.

Real-World Applications:

AP Automation

Reliably extract data from invoices, purchase orders, and remittances.

Revenue Cycle Management

Automate intake of claims data and reconciliation with complex explanation of benefits.

Commercial and Residential Lending

Easily classify and sort loan files and reliably extract and verify key data.