FinTech giant ensures compliance with a high-availability solution.

Strategic Initiative

At the height of the pandemic, the FinTech company rolled out business continuity solutions to support work-from-home initiatives and maintain compliance. Their in-place solution required additional infrastructure support to run smoothly with 24/7 uptime requirements and remote access for work-from-home employees. Any lapse in service availability equaled a lapse in compliance and heavy penalties.

Solution Plan

The FinTech company partnered with ImageSource to augment their ILINX solution with an active/passive infrastructure and additional servers. The fault- tolerant environment created a failsafe mechanism that turned on automatically if an error occurred in the active processing solution. The added infrastructure negated the risk of minor failures and total shutdowns associated with high-volume transactions.

Investment Return

The additional passive solution went live after hours, allowing the company to maintain business process continuity with no downtime. The solution uses automatic gap coverage to mitigate the risks and errors related to updating or troubleshooting the active solution. The company meets federal compliance standards and avoids costly penalties by ensuring continuous customer service.

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