Home healthcare workers capture critical documentation in the field.

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Strategic Initiative

VITAS home healthcare providers deliver care to patients’ homes and must collect vital information in the field. Working with nearly 2 million documents per year, VITAS recognized that their paper-based system slowed processing and introduced vulnerabilities. They needed a remote documents solution that was easy to use for workers with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Solution Plan

ImageSource designed a process solution optimized for familiar devices. With the ILINX Capture Mobile app, documents are photographed in the field and additional data is recorded. ILINX Capture Workflow automatically routes the documents to a queue for review and release to an electronic medical records system. Finally, ILINX Content Store supports document storage and management.

Investment Return

With the ILINX solution, VITAS Healthcare reduced document processing time from 7 days to 1. This time savings results in faster billing and payment turnaround. It also supports HIPAA compliance while eliminating the data loss and privacy risks of lost or damaged documents. The innovative process exceeded the company’s targeted benefits goals by cutting annual paper handling by millions of pages.

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