Credit union innovates digital document processes with ILINX.

Strategic Initiative

A large credit union required a remote documents solution when COVID-19 forced personnel to stop collecting signatures at branches, then hand-scanning forms using barcodes to link documents to member accounts. The organization also recognized a compliance danger caused by having staff access customer files through network-shared folders that failed to properly secure personally identifiable information (PII).

Solution Plan

The credit union expanded its internal ILINX solution to support a wider range of business processes, such as service agreements, tax forms, litigation documents, and more. ILINX Import intakes e-signed documents from email and network locations. ILINX Capture then identifies SSN and account numbers to automatically attach documents to case files. Security settings limit file access to only authorized users.

Investment Return

Today, the ILINX solution enables business continuity for a range of departments including the credit union’s Account Support, Collateral Control, and Litigation units. ILINX innovation supports remote processing while automating and replacing time-intensive, manual document scanning. Finally, it ensures accuracy by eliminating naming convention errors and strengthens information security with role-based rules.


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