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The cloud-first ILINX platform improves efficiency, reduces risk, maximizes value, and optimizes digital experiences. Wherever systems need connecting and processes need automating, ILINX is the flexible, powerful foundation that enables organizations to modernize operations and achieve process innovation.

AI-powered process innovation

The ILINX platform is a modular suite of solutions that target precise business processes – leveraging AI, hyperautomation, and low-code applications to transform how companies onboard, manage, and utilize information.

Orange icon image representing email import
Email Import
Orage icon image representing information capture and intelligent workflow
Capture & Intelligent Workflow
Orange icon image representing an eform
Mobile App & SDK
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Red icon image representing fixed form capture
Advanced Capture
Red robot icon image
Red puzzle pieces icon image, representing integration
Red padlock icon image, representing data loss prevention
Data Loss Prevention
Blue funnel icon image, representing advanced report management
Advanced Report Manager (ARM)
Blue circling arrows icon image, representing conversion
Format Converter
Blue calendar icon image
Retention Manager
Blue bar graph icon image representing analytics
Blue pointing arrows icon image, representing import-export
Import & Export
Blue globe icon image, representing cognitive services
Cognitive Services
Blue magnifying glass icon image, representing search for content
Content Store
Records Director
Blue icon image of hand open to three individuals, representing engagement

Process innovation in action

Check out our customer success stories to learn how ILINX helps organizations gain agility, strengthen security, empower users, and deliver better digital experiences.


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