When it comes to process innovation, you are the starting point. Successful solutions have to meet the exact needs of your organization; your requirements, your systems, and your budget. ILINX is the world’s most flexible process-improvement platform, allowing you to integrate capabilities and problem-solve across your organization on a single platform.

The platform for process innovation

The ILINX platform is an integrated, modular suite of advanced content services and process-automation solutions, allowing your organization to modernize at your pace and priority.

Orange icon image representing email import
Email Import
Orage icon image representing information capture and intelligent workflow
Capture & Intelligent Workflow
Orange icon image representing an eform
Orange mobile phone/application icon image
Mobile App
Orange mobile device with internet connectivity icon image
Mobile SDK
Red icon image representing fixed form capture
Advanced & Fixed-Form Capture
Red robot icon image
Red puzzle pieces icon image, representing integration
Red padlock icon image, representing data loss prevention
Data Loss Prevention
Blue funnel icon image, representing advanced report management
Advanced Report Management
Blue circling arrows icon image, representing conversion
Format Converter
Blue calendar icon image
Retention Management
Blue bar graph icon image representing analytics
Blue pointing arrows icon image, representing import-export
Import & Export
Blue globe icon image, representing cognitive services
Cognitive Services
Blue magnifying glass icon image, representing search for content
Content Store
Records Director
Blue icon image of hand open to three individuals, representing engagement

Process innovation in action

ILINX modernizes government organizations and leading enterprises across industries, covering hundreds of business processes. Find a story that sparks ideas for you.

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