ILINX Innovation

Foundational software to modernize business processes and optimize digital experiences

ILINX is an AI-powered, cloud-ready platform leveraging hyperautomation, advanced capture, intelligent workflow, and low-code applications to speed time-to-value and deliver lasting impact.

Modular Flexibility

Enhance legacy systems and improve business processes with highly-flexible solutions

The composable modules of the ILINX process-improvement platform enable organizations to address top priorities, solve unique challenges, and evolve at their pace and priority.

Team of Experts

Drive innovation with proven methodology, fully-managed services, and robust support

From cloud services to strategy and implementation to á la carte managed services – our commitment to empowering customer-partners and delivering process innovation is second to none.

Cloud Computing

Achieve optimal solution performance, security, and adaptability with ILINX process innovation delivered in a cost-effective SaaS model.

Digital Experiences

Remove process blind spots and empower external and internal users to accomplish more with role-based views and applications.

Legacy Modernization

Breathe new life into aging systems with iterative solutions that surface data, improve interoperability, and enhance productivity.


Roll out new applications and features in a flash using intuitive drag-and-drop creation tools that require little or no coding.

Accounts Payable

Accelerate and control the process of receiving, matching, and paying invoices without the typical costs and delays.

Digital Mailroom

Transition out of manual mail processing into an efficient digital experience that incorporates automated mail classification, data extraction, and routing.

Case Management

Shepherd the processes of collecting and managing case documentation, task assignment and tracking, and collaboration.

Call Center Management

Convert recorded audio to the data you need to drive business processes, measure customer satisfaction, and ensure compliant interactions.

Content Migration

Use automated capture and transformation to consolidate data from disparate sources into a single controlled, reliable, and efficient platform.

Dealer Services

Seamlessly coordinate orders, receivables, and invoicing between manufacturers and dealers. Manage complex DMV requirements with ease.

Employee Onboarding

Simplify and accelerate documentation intake, review, and task tracking with integrated advanced capture and workflow.

Loan Origination

Facilitate documentation collection and verification while speeding the loan process with automated data entry.

Public Records Requests

Leverage self-service, automated search, status tracking, and smart redaction to fulfill requests quickly and comprehensively with less risk.

Process innovation in action

Check out our customer success stories to learn how ILINX helps organizations gain agility, strengthen security, empower users, and deliver better digital experiences.

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