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Most-Flexible Platform

ILINX is world’s most flexible process-improvement platform.

The modular flexibility of ILINX, via cloud or on-premises, allows you to leverage one integrated platform to improve processes throughout your organization at your pace and priority.

Proven Technology

ILINX leverages real-world innovations to maximize value.

Leading companies and public-sector organizations are leveraging ILINX to streamline content management and automate processes to drive greater efficiency, service, and business value.

Team of Experts

ILINX is supported by a team of experts committed to your success.

The ImageSource team delivers expertise at every phase of process innovation—from planning and implementation to ongoing services and support. Our commitment to deliver value is second to none.

Onboard data from paper and digital files, utilize it more effectively, store and manage it more efficiently, and integrate your processes to realize maximum value.

Accounts Payable

Accelerate and control the process of receiving, matching, and paying invoices without the typical costs and delays.

Call Center Management

Recorded calls convert to the data required to drive your business processes, measure customer satisfaction and secure compliant interactions.

Case Management

Shepherd the processes of collecting and managing case documentation, task assignment and tracking, and collaboration.

Content Migration

Turn consolidation of disparate data siloes from an arduous process into a controlled, reliable, and efficient one using automated capture and transformation.

Customer Engagement

Create delightful internal and external customer access to initiating and managing workflow and transactions.

Dealer Services

Seamlessly coordinate orders, receivables and invoicing between manufacturers and dealers. Manage complex DMV requirements between dealers and buyers with ease.

Digital Mailroom

Transform the intake, classification, and distribution of mail across your organization, leading to greater efficiency, service, and compliance.

Employee Onboarding

Easily coordinate documentation collection, review, and task tracking using integrated advanced capture and workflow.

Loan Origination

Easily enable collection and verification of loan documentation while speeding-up the process through automated data entry.

Public-Record Requests

Fulfill requests quickly with more reliability and less risk through a self-service portal that provides comprehensive search, status tracking, and automated redaction.

Process innovation in action

ILINX modernizes government organizations and leading enterprises across industries, covering hundreds of business processes. Find a story that sparks ideas for you.

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