ILINX Format Converter

Unify control of your documents regardless of the type.

Nothing is more problematic than having to manage documents of various types. From alterable Word documents to inaccessible image-only files, managing different formats often means managing multiple policies. ILINX Format Converter standardizes and unifies file accessibility by enabling you to convert various document types to fully-searchable PDF or TIFF formats.
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Technical Highlights

1. Convert JPEG, PNG, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher files to PDF or TIFF
2. Create full-text searchable PDF or TIFF or PDF/A archive formats
3. Merge multiple image files into a single PDF
4. Replace or save original files after conversion
5. Process files in the background or interactively using a GUI

Standardize the user experience

With various file formats come different capabilities. Images can’t always be searched and annotations that work on one type don’t work in another. ILINX Format Converter enables a simple, unified experience with your document information.

Integrate - no programming required

Running background processes often means writing code to initiate and manage them. With ILINX Format Converter, set up and integration is simple – requiring no programming whatsoever.

No more process headaches

Relying on individuals to convert documents results in inconsistencies and additional work. ILINX Format Converter works in the background with no user interaction required. Documents are consistently and comprehensively converted according to your requirements.

Real-World Applications:

Create Uniform Loan Files

Convert different files supplied by various parties into a single file type that is easy to use.

Protect Personal Data in Credit Reports

Uniformly apply redaction rules and annotations to protect sensitive information.

Enhance Public Records Access

Make all your file information easy to find by enabling full-text searching.