ILINX Engage

Experience what matters with a new approach to digital engagement.

Your organization is facing too many data silos and disconnected apps – creating blind spots for leaders and inefficiencies for staff. At the same time, your constituents, customers, and partners are frustrated with fragmented and uncoordinated digital experiences. You need a cohesive, intuitive, role-based experience that unifies critical information and applications for all your stakeholders. ILINX Engage is the answer.
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Technical Highlights

  1. Easily integrate information of all types using simple REST APIs, Webhooks, and more
  2. Orchestrate interaction between apps with built-in, no-code process automation designer
  3. Support widgets including eforms, notifications, calendar, charts, external and custom Web pages
  4. Deploy multiple applications with multitenant support
  5. Organize information into multiple role-based views using a no-code designer

No More Blind Spots

ILINX Engage surfaces powerful, AI-automated enterprise workflows and information in a single, intuitive interface. Using a variety of integration APIs including REST, Engage easily taps into both legacy and modern systems to create a digital experience with unified, role-based, and actionable information.

Get Right to It

ILINX Engage unifies applications and workflows in an intuitive, role-based experience, reducing distractions and helping employees and organizations achieve more. Using a no-code designer, you can create specialized layouts for each stakeholder so that data is not only readily available, but also actionable.

Never Waste a Window

Always deliver the most relevant information to every stakeholder in order to maximize every interaction. ILINX Engage supports multipersonas from one platform. Enable unique experiences for employees, customers, partners, vendors, and constituents using a single system.

Real-World Applications:

Vendor Payment and Coordination

Interact with vendors and align accounting with stakeholder acceptance by integrating payment processing to contract terms and conditions.

Licensing and Permitting

Enable applications, data collection, and self-service tracking of licensing and permitting processes.

Requisitions and Approvals

Enable self-service for submission, tracking, and the approval process.