ILINX + OPEX Digital Mail Automation

Gain greater efficiencies and value from mailroom processes.

Every day, organizations of all types rely on information received through the mail to carry out processes such as handling payments, managing legal documents, and initiating claims. Until recently, the flow of information from the mailroom to stakeholders has relied on slow and costly manual processes that lack security controls and tracking. Revolutionize your mail processing with ILINX + OPEX Digital Mail Automation.
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Technical Highlights

1. Automatically open and scan mail content using OPEX hardware
2. Identify and prioritize documents with ILINX software
3. Locate and extract information needed for stakeholder business processes
4. Intelligently route information and orchestrate processes
5. Track, report, and audit the full mail chain of custody

Secure mail at intake

OPEX hardware automates mail intake, including opening and scanning – ILINX takes it from there. The ILINX + OPEX combination is a fully automated mailroom solution that tracks all steps in the chain of custody and securely captures information, routes it, and initiates business processes.

Shorten cycles with AI

ILINX employs AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing to identify document types and locate needed information quickly, enabling organizations to kick off business processes and shorten cycle times to achieve compliance with regulations and service level agreements.

Smart and accurate routing

Ingest information into your line-of business systems or route it directly to stakeholder inboxes right from the mailroom. ILINX intelligently automates multiple processes and easily adapts to changes in your workflows so that information is ready to use without delay.

Real-World Applications:

Claims Management

Use vital information quickly to create claims in the system of record without delay.

Bill Collection and Remittance Processing

Accounts receivables departments get quick access to needed data enabling accurate cash flow reporting and shortening billing cycles.

Student Transcripts and Applications

Admissions with important student information received by mail move more smoothly with no delays.