Use human intelligence wisely by automating tedious tasks.

When your organization has put in the effort to find the right people, the last thing you want is to waste their talents on low-value tasks. Robotic Process Automation eliminates the drudgery of manual data entry and repetitive processes while improving accuracy and efficiency. There’s no more fear of having top performers burn out in boredom. RPA frees them to handle the tasks only a person can.
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Technical Highlights

1. Logic-based rules eliminate the risk of human error
2. High-volume capacity handles large workloads with high efficiency
3. Delivers information to storage or line of business software
4. Set trigger events to engage repeated processes
5. Multi-step capabilities run workflows that don’t need human intervention

User-defined instructions

RPA uses machine learning to observe, record, and repeat simple manual tasks modeled by your in-house experts. It mimics human/computer interactions precisely and efficiently. You define the content, the parameters, and the action. RPA does the rest.

High-volume, high-accuracy

Whether it’s a mountain of copy/ paste work or data correlation, RPA automates mundane tasks on repeat until the entire workload is complete. It performs rules-based operations continuously without the danger of fatigue that often leads to human error.

Deliver your data to workflows

Rely on RPA as a key component of your hyperautomation toolkit. Configurable rules let you output processed data directly into workflows or line-of-business applications. Improve your operation’s productivity with low effort, high-quality information.

Real-World Applications:

Extract Data from Forms

Set rules to capture information from structured fields and output to CMS or data storage.

Payroll Processing

Extract information from timesheets, calculate pay and withholdings, and initiate bank transactions.

Customer Service

Automate multi-step processes related to processing a sale or accepting a return and issuing a refund.