ILINX Engage is a Game-Changer for Internal Productivity and Process Innovation

OLYMPIA, WA / May 31, 2023/ ImageSource, Inc., manufacturer of ILINX – the world’s most flexible process improvement platform, proudly announces the successful implementation of ILINX Engage into its own internal processes, revolutionizing the employee experience and company productivity. The software’s cutting-edge capabilities give ImageSource a competitive advantage by streamlining internal workflows and optimizing cross-team collaboration. 

The implementation was inspired when ImageSource recognized the transformative benefits that ILINX Engage delivers for customer-partners and its potential to enhance internal productivity in Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Development, Support, and other key areas. ILINX Engage enables organizations to create unique, streamlined experiences based on the role of each user. Disparate system information is integrated and visualized while core resources are surfaced, so all users see relevant information and applications in one screen.  

“ILINX Engage has been a game-changer for our department. The implementation has improved our employee experiences and internal processes, especially in new employee onboarding. It has eliminated the need to navigate through multiple applications and web pages, allowing us to focus on what truly matters.” – Ryan Keller, CIO, ImageSource 

With ILINX Engage, ImageSource has no more blind spots in data visibility. Because it surfaces real-time information, leaders can rapidly make informed business decisions.  

Employees get right to It. There’s no more jumping between applications or sifting through browser bookmarks to get things done. ILINX Engage unites applications and workflows in one intuitive, role-based experience – reducing distractions and allowing individuals and the organization to achieve more overall.  

They never waste a window. ILINX Engage supports multiple personas from one platform with a single system that tailors unique user experiences to distinct job functions. This unified presentation of applications and services enables all employees, in every role, to make the most of every interaction.  

ImageSource is evolving with ease. ILINX Engage seamlessly integrates disparate and legacy systems, allowing the organization to modernize without the need to rip and replace. The software’s low code/no code architecture facilitates quick new experience configuration and publishing without heavy IT support. 

ImageSource CEO Terry Sutherland states: “I am thrilled with the positive impact that ILINX Engage has on our internal operations. By implementing this process innovation, we have enhanced collaboration, accelerated productivity, and paved the way for new, creative product development that will ultimately allow us to deliver more effectively for our customer-partners.” 

About ImageSource  

ImageSource, Inc. makes process innovation easy with advanced solutions built on ILINX®, the world’s most flexible process-improvement platform, delivered by a team of experts committed to customer-partner success. Leveraging proven technology and deep implementation expertise, ImageSource empowers leading enterprises and government organizations to reduce risk, modernize operations, unlock revenue, and transform the customer experience. For more information, visit, or call (360) 943-9273  

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