ImageSource Goes Live with Quinault Indian Nation Success Stories

OLYMPIA, WA / March 30, 2023  / ImageSource, Inc., manufacturer of ILINX – the world’s most flexible process innovation platform, has published two success stories highlighting collaboration with the Quinault Indian Nation. The stories showcase how the ImageSource team leveraged professional expertise and the ILINX platform to help the Nation innovate business processes and deliver critical services. 

The Quinault Indian Nation, located in the Pacific Northwest, is a sovereign nation of more than 2,800 enrolled members. The Nation’s operations include Member Enrollment, Social Services, Natural Resource Management, gaming, tourism, and more. With such a wide range of responsibilities, the Nation needed a robust platform to manage services for Quinault citizens and community-members.    

ImageSource worked closely with the Nation to design and implement solutions built on the ILINX platform, helping the Nation migrate from manual processes to automated workflows. An ILINX eForms solution enabled Quinault to rapidly meet COVID testing needs and deliver ongoing community support. In another instance, ILINX Engage improved case management processes in the Nation’s Youth Opportunity program. 

“We are proud to have partnered with the Quinault Indian Nation on these projects,” says Terry Sutherland, ImageSource CEO. “Their dedication to improving processes in order to serve members better is truly inspiring. These Success Stories illustrate the rewards of collaboration and the power of technology to improve human experiences.”  

The Success Stories are available on ImageSource’s website: They showcase the benefits of working with a trusted partner like ImageSource, which offers high-value solutions tailored to meet each customer-partner’s unique needs.  


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