ImageSource Announces Re-Launch of the ILINX LinkedIn User Community

Olympia, WA / Apr. 27, 2023 / ImageSource, Inc., manufacturer of ILINX – the world’s most flexible process improvement platform, has announced the official re-launch of the LinkedIn-based ILINX User Community. The ILINX User Community brings together professionals from various industries to share knowledge, best practices, and insights into optimizing business processes and driving organizational efficiency.  

The ILINX platform has hundreds of thousands of users in businesses and government agencies. The ILINX User Community aims to leverage LinkedIn’s massive network to facilitate meaningful discussions about how organizations can improve their operations through hyperautomation. 

The ILINX User Community will provide members exclusive previews of upcoming product releases and members-only sessions with ImageSource and ILINX process innovation experts. Members will drive topics and receive valuable feedback, opinions, and guidance. The ImageSource executive and development 

teams will share the product roadmap, company direction, and future innovation planned for the ILINX platform. Members can connect with industry experts and peers to share insights and gain valuable advice.  

CEO Terry Sutherland expands, “We are thrilled to re-launch our official ILINX User Community on LinkedIn as a platform for ImageSource to connect with our users. We’ve created an environment for peer-to-peer networking and knowledge-sharing that fosters creativity in process innovation. The ILINX User Community is an invaluable resource for building an innovative technology roadmap with our customer-partners.” 

To join the ILINX User Community, visit:


About ImageSource  

ImageSource, Inc. makes process innovation easy with advanced solutions built on ILINX®, the world’s most flexible process improvement platform, delivered by a team of experts committed to customer-partner success. Leveraging proven technology and deep implementation expertise, ImageSource empowers leading enterprises and government organizations to reduce risk, modernize operations, unlock revenue, and transform the customer experience. For more information, visit, or call (360) 943-9273. 



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