Process innovator finds new, bigger headquarters

OLYMPIA, Wash. , July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ImageSource, Inc., the leader in process-innovation, has completed the company’s move into a new headquarters location at 3003 Sunset Way SE in Tumwater, WA.

The expanded facility provides a transformational workplace that serves the people of ImageSource with more room for team growth and collaboration. The LEED certified building supports the company’s commitment to sustainability and comes equipped with technology features supporting ImageSource’s position as an industry leader in innovation and cyber security.

“We’re excited to welcome and host our valued customer partners to collaborate with them here and bring business process innovation to life,” says ImageSource CEO Terry Sutherland.

 The company supports regional and national customers with offices in Olympia, Denver, Newport Beach, and development teams globally.

ImageSource was founded by Sutherland and CFO Victor Zvirzdys in 1994 above a restaurant owned by the Zvirzdys family in downtown Olympia. The company grew to take over the entire building – becoming a landmark located between the two bridges that connect downtown Olympia and the city’s westside neighborhoods.

“We’ve always located our operations to best serve customer partners,” notes Sutherland. “This move is just the latest chapter in our continuing story of growth.”

About ImageSource 

ImageSource makes process innovation easy with advanced solutions built on ILINX®, the world’s most flexible process improvement platform, delivered by a team of experts committed to customer-partner success. Leveraging advanced automation technology and deep implementation expertise, ImageSource empowers leading enterprises and government organizations to reduce risk, modernize operations, unlock revenue, and transform the customer experience. For more information, visit

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