Three Steps to Eliminate Migration Fears

By ImageSource Team on June 22, 2021

ImageSource has been successfully executing migrations, large and small, to and from content repositories since 1994. For example, we recently completed a mammoth project for a global financial information services company. We migrated 85 million documents from a deprecated Oracle 10g IPM system to ILINX Content Store with 99.99995% accuracy. That’s zero loss of data, except a few hundred docs that were already corrupt in the source system! The speed and accuracy of migration projects require three essential factors for success.

A Solid Technical Team

For this project, we had an expert in the source system of the documents or data, a seasoned PMM with experience in the technical components, and an expert in the new destination platform. This team provided all the expertise required to plan, execute and audit this size of migration.

A Proven Methodology

Given the business-critical and high transaction volume nature of the legacy Oracle 10g system, maintaining business continuity was essential. Starting with a detailed migration plan addressing all targeted content, associated requirements (retention of annotations, excluding content that had or would meet document retention\destruction requirements during the duration of the migration, etc.), and auditing requirements. A detailed audit and migration report was performed and delivered, accounting for every single document in the source system.

Configurable Technology

We leveraged multiple tools and techniques in the execution model (temporary migration environment that included replicated data, multiple instances of ILINX Export, etc.) to complete the migration. By creating a temporary migration environment, we were able to leverage the power of ILINX Export, ILINX Import, and a multi-instance model to perform the migration in record time. Again, the numbers speak for themselves: 85M docs, nine months, zero data loss.

We’ve used a similar services formula for migration execution, large and small—your migration doesn’t have to be massive like the one mentioned above to give you significant ROI. That, and the right software mix, will eliminate headaches from the equation the next time you have to migrate content.

Schedules or other factors outside your control may not allow time for a full migration prior to going live with your new system. In that case, we implement a solution that enables users to turn off their access to the legacy system on day one of the new system while still pulling content from the legacy system through the ILINX interface. Coordinating access of content during a migration enables significant benefits that include more intelligent resource allocation of staff and the schedule of your most important milestones.

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