Expanding ILINX and Workday

By ImageSource Team on September 8, 2021

The State of Washington announced its initiative to implement One Washington (OneWA), an enterprise-wide program focused on replacing legacy technology with a cloud-based solution for finance, procurement, budget, human resources, and payroll processes. The State selected Workday as the technology platform for this initiative. Since Washington government agencies often have disparate or siloed systems, interagency processes can be slow and difficult to maintain properly.

OneWA seeks to transform the state’s business processes by implementing a universal ERP solution while allowing information to pass between agencies with compliance as necessary. Initiatives like these can be overwhelming as agencies strive to determine how best to implement their solutions. The OneWA initiative leveraging Workday has made us at ImageSource stop and think about how our numerous solutions implemented throughout state agencies would be impacted, not to mention projects under consideration.

We’ve worked with agencies on cloud-first initiatives and rely on groups like IPMA (https://ipma-wa.com/) to understand the OneWA/Workday rollouts and the realities better. We’ve heard enthusiasm from most agency leadership. Workday is entirely cloud-based and on-demand to unify agency processes with one security model, one data source, and one user experience. This makes quite a bit of sense and matches the initiatives and vision ImageSource has for our ILINX Platform.

Workday is a fantastic system, but there’s no silver bullet or one size fits all for business process automation, retention, or even cloud deployment. Third-party data integrations are a part of the Workday/OneWA plan and budget. To take advantage of them, you may need some help envisioning the interaction and optimizations of existing workflows, new business processes, or even wishlist items in your agency’s technology plan.

For us, we usually start with the document. It’s probably not a pile of paper anymore, but maybe an inbox full of attachments. Processes relying on content in documents need infrastructure to utilize the advantages of Workday. The ILINX Platform allows you to bring Workday-similar standardization of approaches to your document handling. Think of getting the data out of the documents, sharing them within Workday processes while maintaining your records management standards. The ILINX interface is also entirely web-based, configurable by user or group, easy to access, use, maintain, and support while designed to complement a wide variety of enterprise systems. When the system integration is done right, most users do not even know they are moving between ILINX or an ERP system. Every necessary document is simply available where it’s needed and tracked accordingly.

Integrating an ERP like Workday with complaint technologies using ILINX further transforms a business into a dynamic and unified enterprise that is not only compliant but also forward-looking. With Workday’s third-party integration capabilities, agencies utilize both systems for maximum efficiency and minimal data loss.

For help envisioning how your existing processes and new ones can use tried and true methodologies alongside new initiatives like Workday, reach out to us! We’ve got some ideas.


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