How Do Line of Business Managers Support Migration?

By ImageSource Team on August 12, 2021

An organization’s line-of-business (LOB) managers understand business operations’ routine and cyclical problems and challenges. They are operational experts within their areas of responsibility and have a critical understanding of the staff they work with, including strengths and weaknesses, the likelihood of change acceptance, and ideas for implementing change management processes throughout migration projects.

These LOB Managers and supervisors routinely concentrate on organizational effectiveness through current processes meaning they eventually carry a successful project into routine daily work.

Consider LOB managers and other supervisors or lead personnel for full participation on the Migration Project Team to develop specific new processes or design workflows. They provide essential project support and linkage with high-level objectives. They are information gold mines that are most knowledgeable of:

  • Departmental activities and the reasoning behind them
  • What documentation and information is received
  • How data is processed
  • Where various sources of data originate from
  • Who needs access to their data and documentation
  • Critical insights regarding operational systems, processes, and policies that support their organization’s mission
  • Decision criteria for the project, including the flow of work, the point where specific  processes are needed, risks to successful processing, exception processing, and design considerations

Departmental management and supervisory involvement, and strong support are crucial for any project, but particularly migrations. When you apply ECM and BPM technology to an organization’s routine processes, you must have input and planning participation from the managers and key personnel who are most familiar with existing and desired operations. They can ensure that the new system will successfully meet meaningful objectives.

Line-of-Business Managers are key players to ensure success before, during, and after the migration. They define and measure requirements, participate in end-user testing and help set metrics for the project’s overall success. The best way to get them engaged is to support their meeting times, avoid time conflicts and participate when asked.

Who is the LOB manager in your ECM migration project? Don’t have one or need some advice? We can help.

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