ILINX 9.5: A Leap into the Future of Process Innovation

By ImageSource Team on January 17, 2024

ILINX is known as the world’s most flexible process improvement platform – a reputation based on the platform’s unmatched adaptability. True to form, version 9.5 is a model of future-forward process technology, embracing cloud capabilities and artificial intelligence to enhance today’s requirements while anticipating the future of innovation.

In Unlocking the Future with ILINX 9.5, ImageSource CTO Randy Weakly and Director of Product Marketing Greg Council unpack the version’s upgrades and new features. Let’s explore the game-changing enhancements introduced in the latest release.

A Platform Packed with Evolved Capabilities

ILINX 9.5 is not just an update; it’s a significant leap forward. The cloud-based low-code/no-code platform distinguishes itself with a vastly expanded set of pre-built features that make it easier for users to streamline processes more intuitively. The platform’s modules can be leveraged individually to meet straightforward needs for things like eForms and content storage/disposition, but the platform also offers complex solutions, such as ILINX Records Director and ILINX Engage, that bundle capabilities to serve more sophisticated requirements.

More than 100 New Enhancements

This release boasts more than 100 upgrades, 36 or so of which were directly influenced by current users. This spirit of collaboration has been pivotal in shaping ILINX. The platform was first created in response to unmet needs in enterprise content management. It evolved into a process-improvement platform in response to user demand. As it adapts to incorporate all the capabilities of AI, user feedback continues to shape the platform’s trajectory.

Simplifying Administration

One of the significant highlights of ILINX 9.5 is the introduction of a new desktop administrative client application. This install centralizes all ILINX administration, allowing users to seamlessly manage all admin functions within a single application, supporting connections to multiple back-end systems. The revamped Import/Export and Retention Manager capabilities provide versatile utility for configuration tasks, eliminating the need to navigate different servers and enabling more efficient and user-friendly experiences. ILINX 9.5 also brings large job performance improvements to retention management, including the ability to reject documents.

Empowering End Users with Flex Client

The ILINX Flex client, a universal access point for end users, is significantly enhanced in version 9.5. focused on delivering everything available in a traditional desktop client in a thin, Web-client interface, the upgraded Flex Client supports advanced capture, client-side barcode processing, expanded annotation types, PDF conversion, and more. It centralizes access to Content Store, Capture, eForms, and dashboards within a single web-based application. Flex is designed to function equally, whether on desktop or mobile, allowing users to accomplish tasks from any place and on any device.

Specialized Vertical Products

ILINX Records Director is a comprehensive solution designed to target the unique challenges that state and local government agencies face in managing public records requests. The product bundles request intake, collaboration, tracking, and redaction tools (among others) to help agencies meet the growing volume of requests. The latest enhancements in ILINX 9.5 make Records Director easier to deploy and improve its functionality with new features like advanced task management.

ILINX Engage, the platform’s digital experience solution, evolves rapidly, with new updates released quarterly. Engage interfaces with and unifies various systems to present information and applications in a single, role-based, interactive view. Engage is poised to revolutionize how organizations merge back-office and front-office operations by marrying sophisticated data processes in one intuitive, role-based, user-friendly interfaces.

Looking Ahead: AI Magic and Predictive Analytics

ILINX is moving towards an exciting future with the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and low-code/no-code capabilities to democratize the creation of solutions. A new workflow AI pipeline will allow users to easily incorporate and combine a variety of pre-built, no-code AI-based routines such as predictive analytics and generative AI into any process. Perform no-code rest API invocations and simplify batch information processes with REST APIs.

The ILINX development team is also leveraging AI within our “Abracadabra” project, which takes advanced capture and document understanding to the next level. This project aims to simplify the complexities of document process automation by using pre-trained machine learning algorithms for key tasks like document identification, separation, and information extraction.

User-Informed Evolution

ILINX 9.5 marks a turning point in utilizing cloud capabilities and AI adoption, but the platform remains in continuous development to improve functionality and ease-of-use. ILINX is built on the bedrock of continuous improvement driven by real-world use cases. As ILINX continues to innovate, we are excited about the platform’s potential impact in making processes more efficient, intelligent, and accessible.

Members of the ILINX User Community have the inside track on process innovation with early news and previews of new releases. Better yet, group members have the opportunity to shape the platform by testing and giving feedback on products in development.

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