ImageSource Q&A with CTO Randy Weakly

By ImageSource Team on September 14, 2021

What was your experience before joining ImageSource?

I’ve worked in high-tech for many years and at several large organizations like NASA, GTE, and MCI/Verizon. I’ve also worked at smaller companies, including Optika and Stellent. For seven years before joining ImageSource, I worked for Oracle and was responsible for their capture, forms recognition, imaging, and A/P automation products.

Randy Weakly - Chief Technology Officer
Randy Weakly

What excites you about ImageSource and the ILINX platform?

The ILINX platform is nimble and flexible. It has tons of power right out of the box and also numerous extensibility points that support just about any type of integration or solution. The ILINX platform is also very lean and doesn’t require a large infrastructure or massive compute resources – it’s lean and mean!

Is there a customer partner story that you are especially proud of?

No single story, but I’m very proud that the ILINX platform currently supports customers with hundreds of millions of documents, millions of active workflow items, and thousands of users in secure, performant, enterprise-scale deployments.

Regarding security, automation, and access anywhere expectations, what are the best practices and trends you are following? 

Security is an absolute number one priority these days. We rely on multiple external expert organizations to help us ensure our customer solutions and information security. Automation is a must for companies to compete these days. “Hyper-automation” is a bit over-hyped right now since most organizations are doing their best to achieve basic automation. But that’s a great place to start!

Digital Transformation, RPA, AI have been buzzwords and hot technology for some time. What do you have your eye on that might change content services or data-driven solutions? 

Digital Transformation, RPA, and AI have been around and evolving in fits and starts for decades. I worked on an AI software development team in 1992 and OEM’ed a mature RPA technology for my product in 1999! In my opinion, the cheap availability and democratization of these types of services via the cloud has been the most significant accelerant in the last few years, not necessarily advances in the underlying technologies. That isn’t to say that AI hasn’t advanced recently, but the ability for non-programmers to leverage AI technologies is more meaningful in the big picture. Closing the gap between the non-programmer business experts and AI technologies will deliver the highest ROI in the next few years. As the great Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt used to tell his students, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

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