ImageSource Q&A with Phong Hoang

By ImageSource Team on September 20, 2021

Tell me about your career before joining ImageSource.

Phone Hoang
Phong Hoang

Before joining ImageSource, I was working for a local county in WA as a software developer.  Maybe it’s bad luck, but I found the working pace (government pace) too slow for my taste, so I left. Before that, I was in the Visual Studio Team at Microsoft and loved it there, but I hated the daily commute. As a software developer, I also spent a few years at Kofax’s headquarter in CA, working on various projects including Ricochet, Capio, VRS, offshore team, and Kofax Capture.

What do you like about working on a smaller team?

Decisions are quick without having lots of meetings. For example, a request for software enhancements and/or bug fixes can be traced to the customer issue quickly and easily. We get a complete understanding of the issue and the desired customer outcome. It’s essential for me because I hate adding/fixing things I do not understand.  Working in a small team allows me to interact with ground people, the end-users, sales engineers, and support staff in real-time.

What do you love about ILINX and being a part of the ImageSource team?

The benefits of a small team and an open-door policy throughout the organization.  I can pick up the phone and call anyone to get whatever information I need to do my job. We are a very flat organization in the best sense. We work together as an executive team to quickly resolve end-user issues while taking in ideas and feedback from anywhere that become enhancements to the ILINX platform.

Is there a component of the platform or a solution you are particularly proud of?

I am proud of the workflow engine in ILINX Capture. When I joined ImageSource 16+ years ago, we were a successful software integrator, so I got to work with many 3rd party software solutions. Most of them are still out there. I think the workflow engine in ILINX Capture is excellent, scalable, and easy to deploy. It struck that balance of time to develop, features/benefits, and value/cost to the user.

What emerging technologies or trends do you think will impact ILINX or our users in the next year?

Data visualization and utility. We continue to consume and produce more data each passing year. Visualizing and turning data into something actionable is still a complex process and not as easy as it should be. This can be anything from elegant and straightforward charts presented at the right time, in the proper context, to something completely automated like decisions-based process software.

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