ILINX Engage enhances Quinault Indian Nation member services initiatives.

ILINX Engage provides us great value by bringing together stakeholders on a shared platform for shared objectives.”
~ Daniel Ebling, Acting CFO, Quinault Indian Nation

Strategic Initiative

The Quinault Indian Nation provides members with access to youth and family services. Officials recognized that a reliance on manual, paper-based processes was preventing it from serving members to the best of its abilities. In order to optimize service-related interactions, the Nation needed a solution to automate internal processes and support growth.

Solution Plan

Quinault chose to transform manual processes with an ILINX Engage solution introduced first through its Youth Opportunity program. The visually-intuitive web-based application drives workflows that are completely transparent to staff. Employees are able to match applicants with services and generate applicant status and program impact reports – all through the same ILINX Engage user experience.

Investment Return

Using the ILINX process-improvement platform, ImageSource worked with the Quinault Indian Nation to build a solution that can embrace any manual process, as well as act as a single experience for accessing critical services and benefits. Automating manual processes has allowed employees to process more applications while reducing errors and delays, and ultimately provide more services to more of the Nation’s members. 


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