Automotive company transforms dealer support with process overhaul.

ImageSource had the technical expertise to bail us out of the mess we were in. Their ILINX platform provided a rock-solid solution.”
~ IT Systems Service Manager

Strategic Initiative

The American Suzuki Motor Corporation’s outdated Accounts Payable process was failing its 500 U.S. dealerships. Employees had to manually scan documents and upload data to an imaging system using an FTP service. Retrieval required IT personnel to locate backup files and COLD reports, then reproduce documents which were printed and mailed. The complex process delayed invoicing and payments due to Suzuki dealers.

Solution Plan

ImageSource suggested ILINX Advanced Report Management as a complete solution. The customizable user interface allowed Suzuki to define requirements and centralize reporting without third-party support. The platform easily handled the company’s 18 report types and offered scalability for the future. Best of all, ILINX search allowed users to find and retrieve documents without burdening IT resources.

Investment Return

ILINX process-innovation changed the way Suzuki does business by enabling them to easily locate and route documents directly to dealers. The solution delivered ROI in the form of reduced person-hours needed to support warranty claims, credit and debit memos, AR statements, vehicle and parts invoices, and more. The returns continue to accrue as Suzuki expands their use of the ILINX Platform.

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