Tribal Nation sees double-digit improvement in contracts processing.

Strategic Initiative

A Washington state Tribal Nation was struggling with its accounting processes – particularly internal approvals, routing for payment, and paying vendors on time. There was little visibility into contracts, licensing, and accurate reporting on spending. And since the audit process was manual, the Tribal Nation was missing out on federal funding opportunities.

Solution Plan

ImageSource worked with the Tribal Nation to define accounting workflows, permissions, and status visibility based on internal and external roles. The ILINX Engage solution was implemented to improve and manage visibility and organize existing and future content. The solution provided unique, user-specific views for everyone participating in accounting and contract execution processes.

Investment Return

The Tribal Nation now allocates its spending more accurately and has recouped additional budget benefits. At least ten percent of previous spending was attributed to incorrect sources, which impacted future funding and planning. The ILINX Engage solution creates better visibility and accounting to ensure federal funds are spent accurately and that services meet project and contract requirements.


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