ILINX Data Loss Prevention

Secure document-based information inside and outside your organization.

Securing sensitive data in today’s remote-first, 24/7 world has become almost impossible – especially for complex document-based content. ILINX Data Loss Prevention (DLP) automatically delivers reliable, comprehensive data protection. Safeguard location, personal, financial, and health-related information with built-in intelligence based on document type, employee or system location, and your organization’s user security policies.
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Technical Highlights

1. Easy, no-code rules for location and protection
2. Data recommendations highlighted
3. Interactive redactions
4. Role-based access to protected data
5. Forensically protected data

Find and secure data automatically

Eliminate hunting for and manually redacting data on the fly. ILINX DLP applies your data protection rules reliably and comprehensively. For special cases, ILINX can highlight recommended data and allow interactive redaction decision making.

Control with flexibility

Data protection cannot be one-size-fits-all. Certain staff need access to data while others don’t. ILINX DLP consistently applies data protection based on your unique access rules – resulting in improved protection without additional complexity.

Accessibility without compromise

Digital experiences rely on information access, but you also need to secure your content. ILINX DLP enables sharing without the typical risks. Protected information isn’t just hidden, it’s completely removed from shared versions of documents – eliminating the “back doors” to abuse.

Real-World Applications:

Public Records Requests

Automatically and consistently protect and audit data redactions.

Financial Reporting

Protect sensitive data when providing financial documents.

Health Claim Reviews

Protect patient data when sharing case files in claim disputes.