ILINX Cloud solution delivers productivity and business continuity.

Strategic Initiative

A state licensing agency was wasting valuable skilled-staff time looking for documents to fulfill public information requests and collecting paperwork to qualify applicants. The agency sought an automated solution to replace its manual record-keeping and incident reporting processes.

Solution Plan

The agency was referred to ImageSource and the ILINX process-improvement platform. Because of the agency’s small staff, a cloud-based solution was chosen to minimize maintenance and support requirements. ILINX Capture and Content Store were deployed for digital file management – including routing, review, and approval workflows. Incident reporting was automated using ILINX eForms.

Investment Return

The cloud-based solution has improved efficiency, productivity, business continuity, and employee satisfaction at the agency. When the COVID-19 pandemic halted work in the office, the agency was able to quickly pivot to a remote work model and eventually a hybrid work model, not possible with the previous system. With SaaS support, the entire team can now focus on delivery of services.


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