ILINX eForms

Accelerate your processes and improve the customer experience.

On average, a paper-based form or application is handled 14 times from creation, through processing, to final storage. That’s 14 handoffs with the potential to cause unnecessary delays or status confusion. PDF forms don’t truly solve the problem as they are difficult to design and deploy – with most being printed and faxed. ILINX eForms is designed to solve these problems.
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Technical Highlights

1. Use conditional form logic to hide/ show fields and pages
2. Collect digital signatures for paperless, remote transactions
3. Populate PDF documents and forms using eForms data
4. Use point-and-click tools to author validation rules
5. Integrate with PayPal and Stripe using simple merchant set up

Multi-channel without multi-solution

The days of managing different applications based on customer preferences or access points are gone. With ILINX eForms, you deploy once for desktop, Web, and mobile – using the same business logic for a unified, easily-managed process.

No more “one size fits all”

In processes that involve multiple reviewers, not everyone should have full access to the same information. ILINX eforms uses built-in workflows to tailor the form and actions to the role of the reviewer, meaning more efficiency with more security.

Minutes, not months

PDF forms can take hours to design – not including the integrations required to enable electronic operations. ILINX eForms’ simple drag & drop designer tool builds forms with your branding, optimized for all devices. Design and deploy forms in minutes.

Real-World Applications:

Expense Reporting

Enable quick processing of expense reimbursements.

Insurance Claims

Support 24x7, immediate claim submissions.

Loan Applications

Friendly form submission with support for signatures and additional documentation.