Finding ROI in the DMV details.

Strategic Initiative

An auto dealer services company provides car dealerships with infrastructure support for automobile transactions. Auditors at the company were spending inordinate amounts of time dealing with transaction details required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The dealers sought a new process to better allocate staff time and meet laborious transaction regulations.

Solution Plan

ImageSource and the dealer services company defined a solution that flags missing documentation and inconsistencies between documents required by the DMV. The automated process addresses 90% of transactions, leaving only 10% for hands-on review and error correction. Realtime visibility to transactions waiting for audit is compared to SLAs to empower immediate resource-allocation decisions.

Investment Return

The company cut costs for auto dealers by reducing the number of errors in registration packets sent to the DMV. The solution brings down the expensive labor costs of resolving mistakes and the shipping costs of transferring hardcopy information for centralized audits. The dealers have improved customer satisfaction by completing DMV transactions more promptly and accurately.


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