ECMecosystem® leads to technology roadmap for Costco Wholesale.

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Costco has been working with the ImageSource team for more than 15 years. Our partnership has been consistent and successful.”
~ Manager, Costco Optical Imaging

Strategic Initiative

Retail giant Costco works with thousands of vendors in providing low-cost, quality products to customers. That results in a high volume of documents across Costco’s business departments. Existing systems were hindering both accounting and legal functions. Scanned documents were low-quality, hard to access, and difficult to store and secure. Costco needed a solution but didn’t know where to start.

Solution Plan

A team of experts from ImageSource was brought in to analyze Costco’s current-state workflows and challenges – and to provide a detailed roadmap for the future. Using the ECMecosytem® methodology, the team documented Costco’s future-state business processes, user needs, workflows and technical specifications.

Investment Return

With a clear strategic roadmap, Costco was able to make informed technology investments that quickly led to over $7 million in savings through labor efficiencies and prompt payment discounts. The company now processes more than 40,000 records per day and stores more than 75 million documents per year more efficiently and effectively, vastly improving accounts payable and audit processes overall.


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