Expert guidance through comprehensive assessment and planning.

You’re ready to make changes in your content strategy and practices, but aren’t sure how to get the best return on investment from an ECM solution. The decision to migrate to a new platform can never be made lightly. Whether it’s the cost of staying with your current solution or the risks associated with change, ImageSource’s ECMecosystem® methodology solves these complexities while providing a strategic, executable plan for implementation.
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The ECMecosystem® Methodology

1. Current state analysis
2. Outline of business goals and objectives
3. Future state design
4. Identify technology requirements
5. Define the business value

Understand challenges and opportunities

To make an effective investment, you need to identify the high-value content and processes your organization depends on. The ECMecosystem assessment gives a clear overview of current-state business problems, drivers for change, and the technical requirements of future-state goals.

Build organizational consensus

An ImageSource professional team engages line of business leaders and IT staff to create a model of internal processes. Stakeholder goals and objectives are documented in the final report, with specific next steps and recommendations to achieve your organizational goals.

Turn assessment into action

The ECMecosystem engagement results in defined business requirements, specific technology recommendations, and an actionable deployment strategy. It can be utilized as a Request for Proposal (RFP) template or as a project charter to take you through the next steps.

Real-World Applications:

Improve Operations

Pair your in-house expertise with a trademarked methodology for specific, actionable next steps with documented ROI.

Plan a Strategic Rollout

Eliminate the risks of replacing legacy technology and rolling out an enterprise-wide solution with a proven process and a team of experts.

Build a Technology Roadmap

Create a multi-year plan to reduce risk, implement best practices, and reach ROI targets.