Dealer services provider eliminates process roadblocks with ILINX.

Strategic Initiative

An auto dealer services company provides infrastructure support for automobile transactions across multiple states with different DMV requirements. The company’s custom-built legacy system needed to be replaced with a modern solution to leverage low-code initiatives, comply with state regulations, and better integrate with other line-of-business applications.

Solution Plan

The company partnered with ImageSource to modernize its vehicle registration and audit transactions processes. The ILINX platform replaced the previous hard-to-support custom application with one that connects to DMV’s via secure APIs. The solution automated reviews and reduced keystroke errors – enabling staff to focus on tasks requiring their business expertise.

Investment Return

The ILINX solution enables the dealer services firm to decrease auto-transaction processing times and ensure compliance with each state’s unique DMV regulations. The solution also frees IT staff from the burden of supporting the old custom system, enabling the company to focus on other high-priority initiatives to support its auto dealership customers better.


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