Process innovation helps claimants get unemployment benefits faster.

State of Washington - Employment Security Department

Strategic Initiative

Employees with the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) handle more than 250,000 unemployment claims and 43,000 benefits issues per month. Applications mailed to one of two regional offices were routed to case managers according to each claimant’s social security number, which led to uneven workloads and slow processing. ESD needed a better system to track, assign and resolve claims.

Solution Plan

Extending an existing partnership, ESD scaled its ILINX platform to improve the unemployment benefits process. ILINX Release was deployed to index data from scanned documents and activate workflows. ILINX Import ingested claims from faxed materials while ILINX Integrate worked with ESD’s internal systems to assign cases and schedule interviews based on adjudicator expertise and availability.

Investment Return

The ILINX platform delivered an enterprise-wide solution for content intake, tracking, retrieval, workflows, and records management. Staff at both regional offices became able to resolve cases submitted at either, allowing supervisors to clear bottlenecks by adjusting case distribution. As a result, unemployment benefits are now processed faster with better service to claimants.


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