ILINX Import, Export, and Release

Quickly expand and extend to leverage your existing investment.

ILINX makes moving data between systems effortless and reliable. Integrate new technology investments with legacy systems to add value while subtracting risk. There’s no need to rip and replace essential components or implement net new solutions in a vacuum. ILINX Import, Export, and Release leverage the best features of your current assets while enhancing the interoperability of your data.
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Technical Highlights

1. Import: Watches one or more directories and email servers.
2. Import: Supports PDF conversion
3. Export: Provides export and on-demand access to multiple data repositories
4. Release: Enables one or more automated jobs supporting multiple systems
5. Release: Facilitates easy-to-use data mapping to transform metadata

ILINX Import

ILINX Import is your trusted, simpleto-use application that eases data imported from one or more locations into ILINX Content Store for management and safekeeping.

ILINX Export

ILINX Export lets you easily surface data stored in one or more legacy repositories using a simple point-andclick interface. It unifies on-demand data access and makes migration simple and controllable.

ILINX Release

ILINX Release is the proven and simple way to identify, map, and transfer vital information. Move data between capture channels and target repositories while preserving and standardizing critical metadata.

Real-World Applications:

Repository Consolidation

Automate data transition in and between multiple repositories using ILINX Export.

Multi-Channel Capture

Orchestrate data transfer from one or more capture systems into one or more repositories.

Simplify Data Capture

Monitor file shares and email servers to easily import documents and data.