Secure mail processing at high volume, now from anywhere.

Strategic Initiative

A financial services company received nearly 30,000 pieces of mail each day. These were opened and imported using OPEX Falcon® scanners in highly secure work centers with more than 500 agents handling document processing. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company needed to shift processes out of these centers while continuing to meet security standards and federal timelines for claims-processing.

Solution Plan

Working with ImageSource, the company implemented ILINX Advanced Capture to facilitate data capture from mailed documents. Easily integrated with the company’s OPEX Falcon® mail-opening scanners and Salesforce CRM, the solution automates high-volume transaction processing. ILINX Advanced Capture intakes information, pre-populates claim files, and intelligently flags cases that require human review.

Investment Return

The ILINX mailroom-processing solution allows the company to process claims at unprecedented volume and resolve the majority of them without manual review. It has transformed business efficiency and agility by reducing the demand for exception processing. These gains have enabled 90% of its employees to work remotely when needed while successfully meeting regulatory standards for claims-processing turnaround.

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