Secure mail processing at high volume, now from anywhere.

Strategic Initiative

A financial services company received nearly 30,000 pieces of mail each day. These were opened and scanned using OPEX Falcon® series scanners in highly secure work centers with over 500 agents to manage document processing. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company needed to shift processes out of these centers while maintaining security standards and meeting federal regulations for claims-processing.

Solution Plan

The ILINX platform Advanced Capture solution was implemented along with the company’s OPEX Falcon® mail-opening scanners and Salesforce CRM to automatically process high-volume transactions. ILINX pre-populates information and intelligently flags cases for resolution, eliminating the majority of cases requiring agent review and greatly reducing exception processing times.

Investment Return

The ILINX mailroom-processing solution has transformed business efficiency and agility, supporting the company’s transition to a remote-first environment. Reduced agent time per claim has enabled 90 percent of the company’s workforce to work remotely, when needed, while maintaining federal standards for claims-processing times and handing a higher volume of claims.

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