FinTech makes quick work of disputes with ILINX AI.

Strategic Initiative

A FinTech leader recognized that its handling of dispute documents introduced friction to the customer experience. Once claimants onboarded supporting documentation, manual information parsing slowed routing and delayed resolution. The company needed an intelligent solution to streamline document intake, standardization, and workflows.

Solution Plan

ImageSource enhanced the FinTech’s ILINX solution with AI to resolve process bottlenecks. ILINX Format Converter enables customers to submit documents using a broader range of file types and converts documents to PDFs on the back end. AI teams with optical character recognition (OCR) to capture and analyze document content, make automatic decisions, and route information to the company’s CRM software.

Investment Return

The ILINX AI-powered solution improves dispute resolution speed and accuracy by standardizing file types, reliably capturing handwritten text, powering workflows, and using artificial intelligence to facilitate determinations. As an added benefit, ILINX intelligently flags misleading and suspicious documents, helping the FinTech identify and curtail fraudulent activity and improving overall decisions and reporting.


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