ILINX Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Power Up Your Process Innovation with Practical, Easy-to-Implement AI.

So much discussion on AI is over-hyped with little information on how to actually use it to deliver tangible value. ILINX artificial intelligence augments document and data-driven processes with predictive analytics, content understanding, and generative AI that enables organizations to implement intelligent process automation for greater levels of efficiency, adaptability, performance, and customer/constituent service.
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Technical Highlights

1. Simple, flexible AI implementation through ILINX Extension Modules.
2. Leverages multiple discrete AI algorithms, including predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and generative AI.
3. Utilize data at rest and in motion within ILINX and other systems for training and production use.
4. Available in containerized, completely secure implementations.
5. Many algorithms are ready-to-use with no training required.

AI that meets you where you are

AI is directly embedded into the ILINX platform and is safe, secure, and contained in the ILINX Cloud or in your data center or cloud instance. If you want to leverage Azure, AWS, or other external AI services, the ILINX platform supports either model.

Complex data collection not required

ILINX AI models can be trained on existing business-process data and content, so you leverage historical knowledge and apply machine learning from day one. ILINX AI can also learn from day-forward data to continuously optimize results.

Multiple AI options to suit any need

From processing complex content and making your processes more resilient to generating useful insights, ILINX AI has a pluggable solution. Utilizing modular ILINX Extension Modules, easily and assuredly add one or more AI capabilities to any process and start realizing real business value.

Real-World Applications:

Predict Case Outcomes

Using real-world case data, identify cases at risk for escalation and predict time to completion.

Summarize Complex Information

Generative AI can parse a collection of documents to quickly summarize key data such as information in a loan portfolio.

Identify Issues Before They Occur

Applying anomaly detection to workflow detects unforeseen events so preventative actions can occur.