ILINX enables state agency to overcome potential pandemic delays.

Strategic Initiative

A state fund agency is responsible for dividend payments to qualified residents. Each payee must submit proof of eligibility annually, with parents also applying on behalf of minors. Although the agency accepts online applications, a digital divide across the state’s rural expanse forces many to send paperwork by mail. The agency needed an improved process for hard copy documents to meet legislative deadlines.

Solution Plan

Agency administrators decided to expand their ILINX capture and storage solution to improve efficiency and automate detailed data collection from new adult and child forms with a total of 288 index fields. Adding Advanced Capture capabilities improved processing of eligibility documents received by mail. Instead of doing time-consuming data entry, employees only needed to review potential errors flagged by ILINX.

Investment Return

The solution went into effect just before the COVID-19 pandemic landed in the United States. Under stay-at-home orders, field offices closed at the height of dividend application season – and at a critical time for citizens. Despite the challenges, the newly- integrated ILINX Advanced Capture functionality enabled the agency to process forms quickly, avoid backlogs and deliver essential resources to its most remote citizens.


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