Cloud-based solution transforms state agency's public records requests process.

Strategic Initiative

A state social services agency needed to evolve beyond an outdated, home-grown solution for managing public-records requests that was used by three program areas. Work delays caused by poor integration needed to be eliminated. Additionally, a more sustainable support model was required, as a different agency maintaining the system no longer wanted to support it going forward.

Solution Plan

The agency partnered with ImageSource to pilot a SaaS public-records solution built on the ILINX platform with integrated content management capabilities. The solution allows users do all aspects of their work within a single interface. The solution is fully hosted and maintained by ImageSource, streamlining costs and ensuring that all support needs are addressed immediately.

Investment Return

The new SaaS-based solution frees up internal IT resources from support and maintenance tasks, a vital benefit following the COVID-19 pandemic when fewer IT staff were available. The agency also cut expenditures on the old system and reduced its risk by no longer having to rely on a small number of internal employees who knew how to support the previous system.


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