ILINX Records Director

Servicing records requests shouldn't be hard or risky.

Demand has never been greater when it comes public information. As expectations rise in a 24/7, self-service, online world, your organization is faced with a difficult proposition: hyperautomate to meet the challenge or face the consequence of complaints – or even litigation. Turn your public records requests into a modern, digital experience with ILINX Records Director.
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Technical Highlights

  1. Self-service portal for tracking and delivery
  2. Compatible with existing systems
  3. Full process audit from start to finish
  4. Low-code, customizable user interface
  5. Easily integrates into your website with minimal effort

Unified experience to meet response requirements

All steps in the records request process are managed through a single experience. Every capability you need is integrated in one comprehensive application – making it easy for you to deliver records on (or before) mandated deadlines.

Smart redaction eliminates costly manual tasks

Built-in algorithms search, redact, and remember actions. Process entire batches of records reliably using the power of automation.

Process email and audio files in minutes – not years

Convert email and attachments to redacted PST files and automate PST file search. Records Director tracks every action and generates reports to verify and streamline compliance.

Real-World Applications:

Public Records Requests

Rely on assistive automation to respond within mandated time frames.

Police and Court Records Requests

Assemble court and case records. Review and redact sensitive data from bodycam footage and other discoverable information following FOIA guidelines.

Education Records Requests

Collect and deliver education records while protecting student information to FERPA standards.