ILINX transforms California Superior Court case-management process.

Strategic Initiative

Clerks at Solano County Superior Court in California were navigating a daily maze of complexity. The responsibility for assembling all case documents – coming in from lawyers and citizens with various levels of quality and file types – then matching those to each judge’s calendar for the day, had become an increasing burden. The clerks and the Court needed a much better process.

Solution Plan

The solution plan called for a new process that intelligently integrated with the Court’s case-management software and supported hundreds of document types and user security levels. The California Judicial Council recommended ImageSource, who implemented ILINX eForms to enable a single, intuitive process for entering case documents, available anywhere, seamlessly integrating with Court calendars.

Investment Return

Solano County Superior Court clerks can now process more cases daily with greater accuracy and efficiency. The Court has eliminated the additional costs of storing paper files. With the ILINX solution, the Court was also prepared to offer the remote access and virtual hearings that became critical services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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