Tribal Casino wins big with ILINX slots audit solution.

Strategic Initiative

A popular Washington state Tribal Casino maintained thorough records as part of its table games audit packet process. Its existing paper-based process required expensive physical document storage and made it hard to find and collaborate on data and reports. The Casino needed a secure, automated solution for compiling slot machine data, verifying amounts and payouts, and supporting accurate analytics and audit records.

Solution Plan

ImageSource partnered with the Casino’s IT department to scan the backlog of physical documents into ILINX Content Store. ILINX Capture was also implemented to index data and add search functionality. The solution ensured information security with role-based views. It also facilitated records retention and disposition using workflows. 

Investment Return

The Casino’s ILINX solution now enables routine compliance with TItle 31 and other gaming regulations. ILINX automation facilitates the table games audit packet process and all reporting required by federal and state regulators. Based on the proven success of ILINX Capture and ILINX Content Store, Casino administrators later added ILINX eForms to their tech stack.

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