ILINX meets FBI criminal records standards for Washington State Patrol.

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(With ILINX) WSP has reduced risk, secured data, and eliminated the human error associated with the old manual process.”
~ Assistant Division Commander, Washington State Patrol

Strategic Initiative

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) Criminal Records Division and Criminal History Support units manage current and historical case documents, and must follow FBI Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) communication and retention policies. WSP receives a combination of paper and electronic documents subject to different retention schedules. The agency needed a single solution to manage both sets of records.

Solution Plan

The State Patrol asked technology partner ImageSource to expand their existing ILINX solution to manage additional workflows for current case and criminal history records. ImageSource configured ILINX to capture and log the large variety of documents and save them in ILINX Content Store. ILINX Retention Management kept WSP compliant with the policies governing each document type.

Investment Return

The ILINX solution streamlined document intake and eliminated the risk of human error associated with the agency’s previous database system. ILINX supported information sharing with 500 other agencies and 30,000 users by integrating with the active Spillman law enforcement case management system. Not only was ILINX easy to use and support, it also ensured that WSP was able to stay in compliance with FBI CJIS standards.


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