ILINX Cognitive Services

The Easy Button for capturing complex data.

Every organization embarking on a hyperautomation project must make use of its complex data, yet few are equipped to do so successfully. Whether information is trapped in audio and video clips or buried in tables, you need a way to capture and parse complex data reliably – and utilize it in business processeses. ILINX Cognitive Services uses an intuitive, low-code UI to transform time-intensive task sets into an automated, assured process.
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Technical Highlights

1. Generate synchronized audio transcription for quick review and established workflows
2. Automate audio bookmarks
3. Locate and transform complex table data
4. Snip, extract, compress or redact key information
5. Capture sentiment for managing quality engagements

Eliminate time-intensive manual reviews

Cut the time it takes staff to review long conversations and verify that the correct language and response were recorded. ILINX Cognitive Services finds the exact phrasing you need and can easily verify it in seconds.

Transform complex agreements

ILINX Cognitive Services uses advanced AI and machine learning to reduce work that traditionally took days to mere hours. It sifts through lengthy agreements to find the exact terms within paragraphs or tables, then translates that into useable information.

Protect sensitive recorded data

Many recorded transactions include sensitive data that must be secured for compliance. Finding and protecting this information in audio files is complex. ILINX Cognitive Services can locate and execute audio redactions automatically so you and your clients have peace of mind.

Real-World Applications:

Insurance Voice Enrollment

Conduct enrollment without requiring a signed document.

Benefits Attestation & Claim Processing

Complete compliant benefits enrollment over the phone while advancing claims processing workflows.

Payer-Provider Contract Transformation

Convert service payment information within agreements into structured data.