State department maintains critical services with ILINX.

Strategic Initiative

A rural state’s Division of Public Assistance provides supportive services to residents in need. A critical step in confirming eligibility for the program requires client attestation at the end of a recorded phone call. Manual processing of this activity was causing a massive backlog on an average of 280 cases per week, leaving citizens without crucial benefits like Medicaid and SNAP.

Solution Plan

The division partnered with ImageSource to implement ILINX Cognitive Services, which automates and streamlines the client attestation process. The AI-powered solution integrates with the division’s Genesys call center software to record the call, recognize key words, trim the recording, save the audio file for compliant storage, and transcribe the conversation for future verification.

Investment Return

Since implementing the new process, the Division of Public Assistance quickly reallocated four full-time employees to other positions. The ILINX solution has increased the speed of call capture, transcription, and information retrieval, saving time and money and ensuring a less frustrating, more helpful experience for constituents in need.


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