ILINX platform makes FinTech company’s remote-first policy a reality.

Strategic Initiative

A FinTech company received high volumes of physical mail that were manually processed by agents. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, operations required a remote-first solution to identify and route key claims data through auto-sorting. The company required full-text data extraction to locate and route details, including personally identifiable information (PII), for secure dispute resolution. 

Solution Plan

The FinTech partnered with ImageSource to automate key claims data processes. Hosted in the Cloud, ILINX Cognitive Services uses AI to search for and recognize specific information types, like social security numbers, claims details, and other data. It integrates with Salesforce to auto-import and route dispute claims to the company’s international workforce for remote processing.

Investment Return

The streamlined data flow built on ILINX Cognitive Services has transformed the company’s mailroom into a connected, web-based framework for claims handling. Intelligent processing has increased efficiency and significantly reduced the manual labor demand on agents. The process improvements have been vital to the FinTech’s transition out of traditional work facilities into a modern, remote-first culture. 


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