Superior Court transforms clerk and courtroom efficiency.

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The ILINX platform is simple and easy to use.”
~ IT Manager, Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus

Strategic Initiative

Law clerks with the Superior Court, County of Stanislaus, spent countless hours organizing and searching through paper documents, then digitizing resolved case records before sending files to physical storage. The system was time intensive, vulnerable to error, and made it difficult to locate documents quickly. The Court needed to modernize operations with a more efficient and accessible process.

Solution Plan

The Court chose ImageSource and ILINX by recommendation of the Judicial Council of California – which endorses the solution for its proven data security strengths. ILINX Content Store provides an easily-accessible digital repository for judicial documents. ILINX Capture and ILINX eForms integrate with the Court’s case management system, allowing users from clerks to judges to create and locate files based on date, case numbers, or search terms.

Investment Return

ILINX revolutionized document access during judicial proceedings and freed the valuable time of knowledge workers for higher-level tasks. When the Court later decided to change content management systems, integration with ILINX was a requirement. IT Manager Anthony Paradiso notes: “ILINX eForms kept our courtroom processes consistent, helping the Court transition to the new CMS more easily.”


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