International vehicle manufacturer discovers the power of process automation.

Strategic Initiative

An international recreational vehicle manufacturer’s internal project approval and funding process relied on physical document approval. The manual process introduced inherent bottlenecks as documents waited on executive staff schedules. Delays and lack of visibility impacted productivity in both US and Japanese operations, negatively impacting collaboration between locations.

Solution Plan

ImageSource created a new process for the manufacturer using the ILINX platform. It kicks off with an eForm that uses built-in business logic to control access and permissions. Required information is verified before advancing to workflows where ILINX automation manages timing and reviewers. Related documents can be accessed and acted on from anywhere using any device. Final records are delivered to ILINX Content Store for retention.

Investment Return

The ILINX solution met the vehicle manufacturer’s just-in-time standards and eliminated the longstanding complications associated with the manual paper-based process. ILINX enabled the manufacturer to quickly transition to a remote/hybrid work environment by supporting business continuity and enhancing transparency between American and Japanese-based operations.

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