SaaS solution provides safe, low-maintenance retention process.

Strategic Initiative

A state transportation agency was working with a contractor on a large construction project. The agency and the contractor needed a secure, third-party location to store project documents in the event of future litigation. In that occurrence, a representative from each party would need access to the documents for review. When a smart solution was found, it could be leveraged for other departments.

Solution Plan

The agency engaged ImageSource to quickly implement a SaaS document repository leveraging ILINX Content Store. The solution is hosted and managed by ImageSource to provide a secure, third-party location for all applicable project documents. If a litigation arises, document access is provided upon request to designated representatives of each party.

Investment Return

The SaaS repository has become a model within the agency for creating a secure, third-party location for project documents in the event of future litigation. Other departments quickly adopted the same model for their projects. The solution is low cost and low maintenance for the agency, with a subscription- fee model covering the life of the project and easy renewal, if needed.

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