WSDOT zooms ahead with modern process-innovation platform.

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ImageSource gives us confidence that ILINX will continue to flex to meet our needs and processes.”
~ Vendor Application Support Manager, WSDOT

Strategic Initiative

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) needed to sunset an aging document management system to modernize its imaging, workflow, and content management solutions. The system had to be built on an architecture familiar to the internal IT team, maintain existing capabilities, and scale to meet enterprise-wide future needs.

Solution Plan

After reviewing 14 proposals, WSDOT chose the flexibility and capabilities of the ILINX process-improvement platform to migrate and modernize its systems for content capture, indexing, workflow, storage, search, retention management, COLD reports, and more. The architecture allowed WSDOT to maximize the use of its internal team to implement the platform and support users.

Investment Return

ImageSource ensures the uptime and security of the content system. ILINX flexibility gives WSDOT everything it needs to develop new solutions and grow. “We think ILINX is what current technology should be,” says Senior ECM Systems Engineer Richard Norrell. “ImageSource has taken what is effective in large legacy systems and delivered it on a nimble architecture with a simple interface.”


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